By their very nature, cryptocurrencies are esoteric. The concept of a digital currency governed by cryptography and independent of any central bank or government is a lot for most people to wrap their heads around. As a result, they have traditionally been the territory of the incredibly tech savvy, along with a growing number of pioneering, thrill-seeking investors and gamblers. We created INTLCOIN with the goal of shattering this status quo.


International index

INTLCOIN’s unrivaled stability is achieved with two indispensable tools: a custom-created index of globally trusted fiat and cryptocurrencies and collateral. Our index comprises several leading global fiat currencies, including the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, the Swiss franc and others, as well as a few of the most trusted cryptocurrencies included in the Blockchain Index (BLX). To view the comprehensive list of currencies included in our index and the full INTLCOIN price calculation formula, check out our White Paper.




Many newcomers to the blockchain sphere view with suspicion the fact that cryptocurrencies lack a tangible form. Seasoned experts in the field recognize that a currency does not require concrete form in order to hold value, but the unanointed tend to harbor caution. The INTLCOIN team bridges this gap by backing up each unit of the cryptocurrency with its equivalent in collateral in the form of funds denominated in leading fiat and cryptocurrencies. The evaluation of the collateral is calculated on a daily basis and the audit reports are published every month on this site. The INTLCOIN’s capitalization always correlates to the evaluation of collateral at a rate of 1:1.
Ease of use

Ease of use

INTLCOIN also makes it simple for users to access the funds deposited in their virtual wallets in the same way they would access cash in a physical wallet. Users may also convert their INTLCOINs to any fiat currency listed in our index at any time, either through their wallets or through the Exchange section on this site (to be live in May 2018). We never charge any commissions for any transactions, but certain fees may apply from third parties that are not affiliated with INTLCOIN Inc.




The INTLCOIN wallet makes it simple to withdraw funds from compatible ATMs worldwide with the scan of a QR code (available from the second half of 2018 at the ATMs of partnering banks).


Transfer funds across the planet in seconds using INTLCOIN’s streamlined wallet-to-wallet service in your smartphone.

Offline payments

Use our app or a debit card linked to your INTLCOIN account to purchase goods and services from shops, restaurants and other businesses.


With a debit card linked to your account, shop and pay your bills with INTLCOINs just as you would with your regular bank card.


Will be available in the

Google Play

Will be available in the

App Store




INTLTOKEN is a secondary cryptocurrency that is geared toward crypto-investors worldwide, as well as toward INTLCOIN users as a bonus for using and keeping their savings in INTLCOIN.
At any given time, the value of the INTLTOKEN will be determined by the market on 3rd party crypto-exchanges and will indirectly reflect the financial results of the non-profit organization that operates INTLCOIN.
As INTLCOIN performs well and turns a profit, profits will be distributed among INTLTOKEN holders.

Start Mining Tokens


No mining hardware is needed


No mining software is needed

Receive new Tokens in the same wallet simply by Holding and Using INTLCOINS.

Simplicity and Usability in One place


One app in your smartphone with balances denominated in INTLCOINs and INTLTOKENs will allow you to:

Use your INTLCOINs

Buy, Sell, Send and Receive INTLCOINS


Mine your INTLTOKENs by making transactions and keeping a solid balance in INTLCOINS; Transfer your INTLTOKENs to/from 3rd party crypto exchanges; Collect more INTLTOKENs to receive more free INTLCOINS

Restore your INTLCOIN balance

Out of INTLCOIN cash? Sell your INTLTOKENs directly in the app with a small discount to the market price and receive your INTLCOINs instantly in the same wallet

INTLCOIN’s user base is growing

More and more people worldwide are starting to use the most stable and affordable-to-use cryptocurrency.

Collecting INTLTOKENs

The most active INTLCOIN users and investors in the ICO or 3rd party exchanges are entitled to the majority of profits distributed in the form of INTLCOINs.

Profit from Collateral and Transaction fees

INTLCOIN'S non-profit Swiss corporation generates revenues in the form of interest from collateral (on average, 2% annually) and transaction fees (0.1%).

Profit distribution

After paying off all its expenses, the non-profit corporation transfers additional profits into collateral, issues newly backed INTLCOINS and distributes them among INTLTOKEN holders.

Download the whitepaper and learn more about INTLCOIN







KundinCo-founder & CEO


A born leader with a ton of experience in web development and blockchain technology.
ConstantineCo-founder & President/COO

Constantine Potamianos

Management leader with more than two decades of experience developing, communicating and leading the execution of strategic initiatives with the C-suite team.
ArtyukhinCo-founder & CFO


A financial specialist and originator with broad experience managing his own businesses, in addition to having held key positions at major financial institutions.
YanisBlockchain and Web developer

Yanis Tsaunya

A software developer whose work in growth hacking, content marketing, data science, BI visualization and Blockchain Tangle technology has extended into the corporate and fintech realms.
JawadGlobal Investment consultant

Jawad Ansari

A global investment consultant with 22 years’ of experience in global capital formation and investment management, investment banking, venture capital, transaction negotiations, and creating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.
EvgenyBlockchain developer

Evgeny Fateev

A full-stack software engineer with a wealth of experience in delivering innovative products.
IlyaBlockchain developer

Ilya Kholinov

A blockchain developer with more than 15 years’ of experience in delivering great products and DevOps, as well as in leading and hiring teams.

Jillian Sidoti

A seasoned attorney specializing in transactional legal matters such as ICOs, IPOs, Private Placements, Regulation D, trademarks, copyrights, NDAs, contracts, and matters relating to the entertainment industry.

Tim Peshkov

A PR and Marketing executive with more than 20 years’ experience in financial services, fintech, technology, production and entertainment.

Ingrid Burke

A professional writer with nearly a decade of experience whose work on legal and scientific developments has been published by news outlets around the globe.

Listing on Exchanges is On The Way

55,000,000 INTLTOKENs

successfully issued

Starting value of each INTLTOKEN is $1

If you participated in the Pre-ICO look for an email with the instructions on how to get your INTLTOKENs

Shortly INTLTOKENs will be listed on several cryptoexchanges (links to the exchanges will be available here)

You can check Smart Contract at address 0x1d94270e3998bb0c02cac8730daba9aa50094581

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, INTLCOIN offers unrivaled stability, reliability and accessibility.

We achieve this mainly through index linkage, collateralization, liquidity cushioning, and securitization. These are INTLCOIN’s key selling points – what make it special, and why it stands to bring dramatic change to the world of payments.

The financial index to which INTLCOIN is linked represents a basket of select fiat and cryptocurrencies. Through this linkage, INTLCOIN reduces the risk associated with many crypto- and national currencies by eliminating volatility. INTLCOIN’s links to an index of currencies, both fiat and crypto, makes it resistant to the market fluctuations and volatility of any one currency.

Furthermore, INTLCOIN is backed with tangible assets. This places a liquidity cushion under the currency, making it a safe investment. INTLCOIN is securitized under the management of a non-profit foundation, which places its assets into solid financial instruments, diversifying risk.

INTLCOINs will be issued in the form of tokens, where a single token is the equivalent of one INTLCOIN.

INTLCOIN was created for the everyman, with the goal of making cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone who wishes to use them.

That said, in designing the currency we took care to accommodate the unique needs of citizens of financially distressed countries – individuals seeking affordable low-value payments, access to their cash, and simple and inexpensive ways to do business.

An ordinary person living in a country with a volatile currency needs, above all, a sense of assurance that the value of the crypto in which they're trading won't diminish the next day.

We meet the needs of these users by offering a currency that's stable, reliable, and accessible.

We also cater to relatively affluent consumers who seek alternative means of saving and transacting, as well as consumers who are financially off the grid, such as those with problematic credit histories, those lacking steady employment, or immigrants with documentation issues.

INTLCOIN’s founders include a diverse selection of individuals with deep and diverse experience across the financial and technology sectors. This includes extensive exposure to and involvement in fintech and crypto.

They have formed an expert team that stands to disrupt the way financial services are accessed and provided worldwide.

To learn more about the team, click here.

At any given time, the weight of one INTLCOIN will be determined on the basis of a calculation that takes into account all currencies comprising INTLCOIN’s custom index, as well as market capitalization of INTLCOIN as compared to its value as at the previous day.

In this context, market capitalization does not add considerable volatility. The rate changes slowly, and significant fluctuations are not seen on a daily basis.

As a result, the price of INTLCOIN is significantly more stable than that of any other cryptocurrency.

Learn more here.

The rule underlying the index schema is that the portfolio’s representative currencies, commonly referred to as a currency “basket,” remain relatively static. Consequently, INTLCOIN’s rate holds steady.

At any given moment, you could calculate the price of INTLCOIN in terms of one of its member currencies.

INTLCOIN employs an advanced patented algorithm, referred to as INTLCOIN Price. This algorithm is constantly performing the index calculation. This formula maintains the rate at as stable a level as possible, without artificially tethering it to any one parameter. This allows the price of INTLCOIN to be influenced naturally by the market.

Pegging INTLCOIN to a basket containing the world’s primary currencies positions it to remain buoyant in the event that one, or even several, of the indexed currencies experiences a period of weakness or volatility.

The index is expected to undergo revision and recalibration once a year.

INTLCOIN’s capitalization equals the total supply of the coin multiplied by the token’s current price in the market, which equals the price of all assets in the collateral backing INTLCOIN.

At present, capitalization is worked into the coin’s price calculation formula. At any point of next years, if the price needs to be held in check, capitalization can be removed from the formula, at the discretion of the non-profit organization that created INTLCOIN.

Learn more here.

INTLCOIN combines two powerful blockchain technologies – EOS and Graphene – to enable a super-fast transactional rate. The result is an unbeatable app experience at the customer end.

EOS is an open, decentralized platform that supports smart contracts, providing a blockchain OS for corporate deployments. Graphene is an open source, mostly C++, blockchain implementation that offers modularity and a high degree of adaptability.

The rapid processing achieved by EOS is the result of several factors. One is its use of asynchronous communication. Another is its separation between the authentication and execution layers. What’s more, EOS entails no transaction fees. Thus, it doesn’t require counting operations. The upshot is that EOS anticipates being able to support thousands of commercial-scale decentralized applications (DAPPs). This winning combination, architected into a technical solution by the world renowned crypto designer Dan Larimer, offers a tremendously robust platform featuring high-speed through enhanced performance.

INTLCOIN users can quickly and easily access the funds deposited in their virtual wallets in the same way they would access cash in a physical wallet. Moreover, users may exchange INTLCOINs into any fiat currency included in the index and back at any time through their wallets or the site www.intlcoin.io.

Toward this end, we are working on several other usage options, including:

Credit/debit cards: INTLCOIN is engaging with banks committed to making integration with cryptocurrencies part of their financial services offering. These institutions will be issuing major credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX, for instance) linked to crypto-based accounts.

QR code payments: INTLCOIN will support handling on-screen cashier payments through a QR code. In some locations, payment terminals are already being refit. More will follow suit.

QR code ATM withdrawals: Banks working with INTLCOIN will be updating their ATM software to enable customers to choose a desired cryptocurrency (INTLCOIN), and the fiat currency they want to receive from the ATM. This involves simply scanning the QR code appearing on the ATM screen.

User-to-user payment transfers: INTLCOIN users will be able to make wallet-to-wallet money transfers by sending QR code payment requests to one another, or by simply sharing a wallet number.

The INTLCOIN wallet can be used to purchase goods and services at any shop, café or other place of business around the world, wherever cryptocurrencies are accepted.

Furthermore, INTLCOIN has built strategic partnerships with dozens of businesses, spanning financial institutions, credit card companies, and merchants, making it even easier for INTLCOIN users to access their funds.

INTLCOIN will address regulatory and compliance issues, on a country by country basis, as they arise.

The platform will automatically generate tax reports on holdings, income, and transactions, where required.

The ICO is scheduled for May 15, 2017.

Before then, INTLCOIN wants to raise $2 million in funding. To facilitate this process, the non-profit organization that created INTLCOIN will offer a 50% discount on all tokens purchased between completion of the pre-ICO – currently scheduled for December 4, 2017 – and the ICO.

All funds accumulated during this time will be used to cover the development and operating expenses associated with preparations for the ICO. These expenses will primarily cover the activities of 10-15 team members.

The distribution of tokens will begin upon the commencement of the ICO. It is anticipated that a substantial quantity of tokens will be issued the moment the ICO starts. These tokens will be held in INTLCOIN’s internal account. Coins sold to new buyers will be drawn from that account, and will be placed into the wallets of the pre-ICO participants and new buyers at the ICO.

INTLTOKEN is a second cryptocurrency geared toward crypto-investors worldwide, as well as toward INTLCOIN users who wish to reap the benefits of using and keeping their savings in INTLCOIN.

At any given time, the value of the INTLTOKEN will be determined by the market on 3rd party crypto-exchanges and will indirectly reflect the financial results of the non-profit organization that operates INTLCOIN.

As INTLCOIN performs well and turns a profit, these additional funds will be sent to the custodian, adding the collateral amount, and in turn will generate new INTLCOINs, which will be distributed among INTLTOKEN holders.

At the initial offering, about two billion INTLTOKENs will be offered up. This amount in public and can not be changed in the future by additional issues. All additional tokens will only be mined by INTLCOIN users.

The pre-ICO will take place in late March, and at that point each token will be sold for ½ of a cent (USD).

As with other cryptocurrencies, mining will bear the most fruit at the beginning. As an example, INTLTOKEN holders with $100 worth of INTLCOIN will be able to mine 16.5 tokens per month at the start; within a year, that figure will drop to three. NB: These calculations are preliminary and subject to slight change.

Obviously but importantly, as more people begin to use INTLCOIN, its value will increase

INTLCOIN uses the Eos and Graphene blockchain, which functions much more effectively in terms of the price per transaction, unlike Bitcoin and other competitors that rely on heavy computer power to function.

Users can always sell INTLTOKENs on third party exchanges at their market value.